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Legacy Karate

Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to Legacy Karate Academy. Legacy Karate Academy is a premier martial arts school instructing students for over 10 years in quality martial arts in Montgomery County. We pride ourselves on our mission statement, to provide a quality martial arts education in a fun, family environment. Master Eric Versland is excited and looks forward to teaching you all that Tang Soo Do has to offer.

Master Versland holds the rank of 6th degree Black Belt in the art of Tang Soo Do, internationally certified as Master Instructor. Master Versland started his training at a very young age and is an accomplished competitor on a regional, national and international level holding numerous titles in fighting, forms as well as weapons. In addition, Master Versland has years of experience teaching.

Master Versland believes in traditional training that comes in the form of a structured class setting. This emphasizes the discipline, concentration and focus aspects of training. Making training fun and safe so our students look forward to attending class is paramount. Our classes are separated by age and in some cases rank (beginner students vs. advanced students) to ensure the safety of all.

Depending on what you are hoping to achieve through your training, martial arts can serve a variety of purposes. For children, a structured class can teach coordination, balance, agility and strength in relation to size. Along with these attributes, a child can learn hand-eye coordination, self-confidence through achievement, discipline through structure and focus through repetition. These attributes are life long benefits to children. For the adult, karate is an excellent way to relieve work related stress, improve flexibility & circulation, and benefit from an interactive form of exercise that allows the student to continually learn and advance.

As anything else in life worth achieving, Martial Arts training takes commitment and discipline. Work hard and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Remember, there are two word that our students will never say at Legacy Karate, can’t and never.

Best regards,

Master Eric C. Versland



Now Enrolling Students In Virtual Classes During COVID-19