Weapons Clinic

To Be Announced

Royersford Gym

11:30am – 3:00pm (3 ½ hours)

Clinic Fee $80.00*, Refresher Fee $40.00

Staff Case $25.00(optional)

*Staff included with the cost of the clinic and pizza at the end of the clinic.

Students will learn fundamentals of the bo staff, drills to develop stick handling, components of the staff form and completion of the entire first staff form by the end of the clinic. Emphasis will also be put on the fact that the bo is a weapon and an extension of one’s body. Special care will be taken to educate the student on how to behave while using the staff as well as how to take care and maintain the bo staff.

Time allowing, students will learn how to present one’s self in tournament competition with the bo staff.

Anyone who has participated in the 1st staff clinic is eligible for a refresher. If the student is taking a refresher, an alternate ending to the form may be taught. Anyone who has not taken the clinic before and is at least a Green belt or hand selected by Master Versland may participate in the clinic.

Eligibility list and Signup Sheet are located at front counter or email Master Versland to sign up at Masterversland@aol.com


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