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Instruction in Tang Soo Do Karate for Men, Women, & Children

Celebrating 20+ years of Quality Martial Arts Instruction in Montgomery County

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Legacy Karate Academy currently has live karate classes!

Legacy Karate Is Not Just An Activity...
It's An Education!

Our programs help develop: self-confidence, self-control, focus & discipline, leadership skills & positive character traits, self-protection skills & physical fitness in a safe, fun, family environment.


Celebrating 20 Years of instruction

Legacy Karate has been providing quality martial arts instruction in the Royersford Area for the last 20 years. Grand Master Versland has instructed over 2000 students in that time providing hundreds of Black Belts while affecting all his students in a positive way.


The Five Codes of Tang Soo Do

The five codes of Tang Soo Do apply to all members and are meant to guide the Tang Soo Do practitioner. All members should memorize and fully understand the meaning of the codes.

1. Loyalty to your country
2. Obedience to Parents and Elders
3. Respect for Instructors and Seniors
4. Be in Self Control at all times
5. Never misuse one’s Art


Now Enrolling Students In Live Classes During COVID-19