Sparring Rules

 Rules Of Sparring


1. Students are only permitted to fight when Master Versland Is present and monitoring the fighting.

2. All students will fight other students that are their relative age, belt rank, and body mass size

3. Appropriate foam dipped gear must be worn; that must fit and have no rips on it.

4. There is no contact to the following areas:
a. Face (Light contact to the helmet is allowed)
b. Back
c. Underneath the belt
d. Throat

5. When a point is scored both fighters must stop and bow to recognize that a point was scored and then continue fighting.

6. Scoring Areas:
a. Anywhere on the surface of the helmet
b. Armpits down to belt
c. Front of chest

7. No Blind Techniques: No technique can be thrown if opponents are not looking while performing the technique

8. Contact is limited, Head contact needs to be controlled and:
a. clear of the face, Abdominal and chest contact should not
b. make there opponent buckle over.

9. Sparring is taught to be almost like a game of tag unless for protection outside the security of our school. This analogy
a. is used so students understand that point fighting should only involve enough contact so both fighters can recognize the point being scored.

These rules are to protect the well being of all Legacy Karate students.



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